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22 - 23 января 2010 года Fields of the Nephilim дают два концерта в Польше.
Место проведения Варшава, клуб Progresja
вся инфа о месте, ценах и билетах тут

воодушевляющий текст от организаторов:soton:

Someone once wrote: "If Pink Floyd played the gothic rock they would probably sound like Fields of the Nephilim"
It’s hard to disagree with the above mentioned opinion while listening the timeless masterpiece "Elizium", which was produced
by the one and only Andy Jackson (known from the cooperation with Pink Floyd).

Some other person described the vocalist and the leader of the group - Carl McCoy - as Jim Morrison of our times.

Fields of the Nephilim is a true legend, not only in gothic, but also in progressive sound. They, side by side with Bauhaus or The Sisters of Mercy,
are the most recognizable and charismatic icons of the dark side of rock.
The respect and influence of FOTN on other bands has been highlighted by such great heavy metal and progressive rock performers as Celtic Frost, Katatonia, My Dying Bride,
Anathema, Fear Factory, Nevermore or Behemoth.

This visit of the British band will be exceptional because of its character. It will consist of two different performances.
FOTN will play a different beginning each night and a different ending each night plus a varied set in between.
There will be only a few songs which will be played on both nights.
One concert will be more classic era and the other more modern.

My dear - young and older friends - prepare your hats and coats - it is time for THE CEREMONY in a great style.
...Transformation is happening - let us try it together - coming, closer, closer, closer...

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