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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the crankiest castle-lord of tall? This question is easily answered: within the boundaries of the British Empire it is no other than Fields of the Nephilim bandleader than Carl McCoy. In him, the community association of haunted houses has an unofficial celebrity member from the gothic scene.

During the final refurbishing session, we have interviewed the inveterate Preacher Man on the past and the forthcoming year in Fields of the Nephilim's revitalized career.

This time, the dust coming from the ceiling is as genuine as the fit of coughing that leaves Gothic-Rock-Legend Carl McCoy gasping for air halfway through his DIY. McCoy is evidently proud of his well-hidden hideaway somewhere beyond the seven hills in south-west UK, where the misty fields of the Nephilim are now to be cultivated removed from the stir of society. "I've literally moved into the middle of nowhere - and I have to admit that I quite like it here. Even though this is no genuine castle, it's a very old and unusual building that has a remarkable background. I am currently exploring its history. To me, this is and extremely inspiring and interesting place."

It seems as though fate had finally shown some consideration and put together what belongs together. Thus, cables and consoles are being installed into what is to become McCoy Castle recording studio. Carl as master builder. "It wasn't exactly easy to find this building, it's been a rather intricate and laborious project. I've been looking for this place for about an entire year - I really needed to get away from all these city people. I like the peace and solitude out here, I fondly call it my little chapel.

A chapel meant for contemplation. Here, goth-eccentric McCoy can focus on his spiritual inspirations and seek assistance of arcane powers to reflect upon his past and future, removed outside distractions. "There really is something sinister around! Me!", McCoy laughs. "If any alien entity from other dimensions lodged here, it must have left at my entry. I am generally very amenable to certain vibrations and phenomena, but there isn't anything to be perceived here."

"The best of 2008 were our shows. After our first gig in Helsinki, we didn't exactly tour but played several gigs at a selection of festivals. Getting on stage after such a long time was rather refreshing, there are so many people still wanting to see us! Especially this huge crowd at M'Era Luna was impressing.

Thus, Fields of the Nephilim actually won the goth-tournament playing shows at every important festival of the scene. "It's beyond words! Getting back on stage was important and necessary for us. I don't think there were particularly good or particularly bad shows. All of them were great, to me. There were some funny gigs, though" Just like Helldone Festival in Helsinki, where Fields of the Nephilim were playing together with Ville Valo's band HIM. "It was... interesting and I kept asking myself what the hell Fields of the Nephilim were doing there. But as far as I could see the audience were happy with us - and that's more important than everything. It is important not to rely on one's past achievements and to seek new challenges."

The next challenge for British Fields of the Nephilim will be a DVD containing the highlights of last year's shows. "The previous shows and the preparations took a huge amount of time, so there are a lot of things that are unfinished, which I will concentrate on, as soon as the new studio is completed. But I'm definitely not going to barricade myself in the studio for years again. It would be nice if we could find some balance between gigs and working on new projects. I'm not sure if I want to record a new album right now. On the DVD Fields of the Nephilim will be represented in full glory! We're not going to rest on our laurels, that's for sure, we've just started!" McCoy smirks.

This is the english version of the interview (not the whole
article - only what Carl said). Sorry for my bad english, but
I did my best:

1. topic: Carl has moved (with his studio) to a castle-like old house in the south-west of england:

"I in fact moved to the middle of nowhere, and I must say I like it very much. Well, (the new house)
isn't a real castle itself, but an very very old and curious house, with a very special curios past.
At the moment, I'm within to figure out his past for myself. For me, it's an extreme interesting
and inspiring place."

2. topic: Carl is building and renovating this house / new studio

"It was very difficult to find this building. An exertive and time-killing undertaking.I've been looking
for this place over a year. It was hardly necessary to get away from all these big-city peoples at
least. Right here, abroad it's pretty lonely and quiete. I call this masonry lovely my little chapel."

3. topic: something sinister / shows 2008

"In fact here's something very sinister around: me! If there was something else from another
dimension domiciled, it abscond at least with my entry. Normally I'm very sensitive for certain
vibrations and phenomenons - but right here is nothing to feel at all.
The highlights 2008 were our shows for sure. After the first show in Helsinki, we didn't tour,
we actually made some special exclusive gigs. It was very bracing, after that long time to
enter the stage again, and to see so many people still wish to watch us. Especially this
enormous human-crowd at Mera Luna was very impressive to us. A indescribable feeling.
It was important and necessary to get on stage again. I don't think that there was a very
good or bad show. For me, all gigs went great. Admittedly there were some special ones.
E.g. Helsinki: It was very interesting for me, and I asked myself "what the hell are FOTN
here all about?". But the audience was quiete satisfied with us, so far as I was able to see it
through the fog, and that's the most important thing. I think it's important not to rest on one's
laurels, but to meet more challenges."

4. topic: Forthcomming projects

"A DVD project with highlights of the past shows: the arrangements of the past shows have
taken a lot of time. So some things could not been managed yet, but I will work on them after
finishing the work with the new studio. One thing is clear, I will not again entrench myself in
the studio for years. It would be nice, if we would find a good balance between gigs and the
work on new projects. Actually I'm not very sure about recording a new CD. But on the DVD,
Fields of the nephilim will present themself in that brilliance that is them due to so. One
thing's for sure: we will never rest on our laurels. We actually havn't started rightly now!"

SBE preview from 'london tourdates 11-25 July 2008'
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